26 products
Sale priceFrom R 447.21
Mitred T Handle
Sale priceFrom R 841.79
Cranked T Handle
Sale priceR 938.47
D handle
Sale priceFrom R 210.45
C Handle
Sale priceR 1,315.30
Square cranked
Sale priceR 1,270.55
Cranked round D Handle
Sale priceR 945.03
Square Mitred
Sale priceR 1,091.72
Oval T Handle
Sale priceR 826.90
Offset Oval T Handle
Sale priceR 1,220.67
Oblong section handle
Sale priceFrom R 749.71
Square section handle
Sale priceFrom R 499.82
Round section handle
Sale priceFrom R 473.51
Semi C Handle
Sale priceR 920.72
S Handle
Sale priceFrom R 973.33
Rectangular oblong handle
Sale priceFrom R 1,317.61
Falon Pull handle
Sale priceR 828.98
QS2503 PVD
Sale priceFrom R 574.79
Sale priceR 898.06
QS2627 BL
Sale priceR 980.30
Sale priceR 683.81
Sale priceR 685.00
Sale priceR 965.77
QS2620 BL
Sale priceR 1,400.26
QS2632 BL
Sale priceR 1,252.07
Oblong section handle BT
Sale priceFrom R 749.71

Stainless Steel

Made from Quality Stainless Steel

QS Products are made from 304-grade stainless steel, which has the highest resistance to corrosion, along with 316 and 316L.

The staining character and pit density difference between 304 and 316 are negligible and do not justify the 20 - 30 percent price difference.


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